Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to already be in shape to do martial arts? No. Our classes are designed for everyone. Many students report getting into better shape through martial arts training. We understand that everyone begins and progresses at their own level of fitness. A positive attitude and commitment to regular training are essential for progress and will inevitably lead to greater fitness.
  • Do I need previous experience to start practicing a martial art? No. While in some cases having a background is helpful. Coming in with a clean slate is perfectly normal
  • How is your dojo different from other schools in the community? There are a lot of martial arts programs in the CU community. We pride ourselves in offering small classes that provide close attention and realistic application of techniques. In other words, you will learn both traditional martial arts along with their applied use in modern self-defense situations. All of our instructors have been practicing their arts for decades.
  • Do I need any special equipment? It depends on the class. For most classes you can try out a session wearing clothing you feel comfortable in. Later, you would want to pick up a training uniform. For classes with weapons, we have plenty for you to use, but you may want to invest in your own as your studies continue
  • I’m not flexible or fit, should I wait until I get more fit before starting? No. There is no prerequisite level of fitness to starting a martial art.
  • Is your dojo like a ‘fight club’? No. We maintain a commitment to traditional Japanese martial arts. Although we offer a variety of martial art styles that promote excellent self-defense, we are not a fight club
  • Will I get hurt if I train? There is always a risk of injury through participation in any physical activity and sport; however, we take safety very seriously. All classes are led by highly experienced instructors who maintain a controlled and safe setting..
  • Do you offer discounts if my spouse or family join? Yes, we offer discounted family rates. Please email us at for specific details as they may not be published on our site.
  • I’m a college student and I have a busy schedule. I may not be able to attend every class. Can I still train? Absolutely! Everyone progresses and learns at their own pace and we are happy to accommodate scheduling conflicts when possible.