Kobudokan Dojo

Offering martial arts in the Champaign Urbana area for over 20 years! Enjoy traditional karate, kobudo, mace, and iaido programs.

Classes for all Ages and Fitness Levels

We have programs to suit you regardless of your prior experience or current fitness level. Join in at the level of your comfort and begin improving your fitness and self defense skills.

Traditional Shotokan Karate with a focus on practical self defense, functional strength and mental focus.

Steel Mace Fitness

Build functional strength, agility and health with the steel mace. 


Judo is the “gentle art’ of throwing, off balancing and grappling from Jigaro Kano.


Study of traditional Okinawan Weapons including the bo, sai, tonfa, and nunchaku.


The study of the japanese sword from the school of Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido

Throwing, trapping, and grappling using Jujitsu techniques.
About our Dojo

Kobudokan has served Illinois for over 20 years, bringing quality martial arts and fitness programs to local residents. Our students most often come from Champaign, Urbana, Tuscola and Effinghman,Illinois. We’re conveniently accessible via the MTD from the University of Illinois.  If you live slightly further away, we may be a good option for you as we.. Reach out and we can discuss training options for you.

Our Martial Arts Instructors

Sal Belahi
Karate, Kobudo, Mace
Keding Sensei
Iaido Program
Beier Sensei
Jujitsu and Judo
Featured Reviews

Great for My Confidence and Self Defense Skills!

Joining the jujitsu program has taught me a lot that I use in day-to-day life. Not just fighting, but balance, falling, and mindfulness too. It has been great for my confidence and self defense skills.
JJ Student

Our Active Programs

The following fitness and martial arts programs are accepting new students. Find out more by clicking below.
Karate (All Levels)
Traditional Shotokan (Japanese) karate.
Kobudo (All Levels)

Traditional Weapons from Okinawa such as bo, sai, and tonfa.

Iaido (All Levels)
Japanese sword drawing and cutting.
Judo (Beginners)
Traditional Japanese Judo throwing and falling.
Steel Mace Fitness

Functional Strength training with the steel mace

Jujitsu (Beginners)
Traditional Japanese Jujitsu throws and locks.

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Gift Cards and Passes

We now offer gift cards and punch passes, making our programs accessible to everyone. Visit our online store to find the cards that best suit your needs or that of the martial artist in your life. Classes must be booked online via Mindbody in order to use punch cards and passes. You can view our schedule below.

Class Schedule