kobudokan Dojo

Offering  martial arts in the Champaign Urbana Area for over 20 years!


About Us


Our dojo offers classes in several traditional Japanese martial arts such as: Karate, Kobudo, Aikido, Judo, and Iaido.

 For more information about our classes please email us with questions about classes at kobudokan.cu@gmail.com


Classes and Registration

Membership Registration

We now offer discounted rates for Students as well as punch cards. We understand that College life is busy and committing to a long term membership can be a challenge. Try out semester rates and punch cards so you can find a schedule that suits your needs!

Looking to have a dedicated practice ? We offer competitive monthly memberships.

Want to take more than one Martial Art? Contact us to ask about multi-art discounts. 

Ladies Self Defense Classes! Every Friday at 5:30pm.

Class Schedule
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